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2nd Greek-Turkish Conference  on Statistical Mechanics and Dynamical Systems


5-12 September 2010

After the success of the first  Greek-Turkish meeting in  "Statistical Mechanics and Dynamical Systems"  that took place in Rhodos and Marmaris during September 2008, we have decided to continue and have its sequel during Septemeber of 2010. The second meeting will take place during 5-12 September 2010 first in Turkey and then in Greece. We plan to have the first half of the meeting in hte village of Turunc near Marmaris while the second part of the meeting in the Greek island of Symi. In Turunc (Marmaris)  the meeting will be hosted by  the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics (ITAP) while in Symi the meeting will be held in the Municipal Conference Center.

We plan to have the Turkish part of the meeting start on Monday September 6, 2010 in Turunc and last through Wednesday.  The Greek part of the meeting will start on Thursday 9 September, 2010 and will end on Saturday 11 September, 2010 allowing, however, the possibility for some additional discussions for Sunday, September 12 for those that we still around.

Travel information

Participants that start in Turkey

If you start in Turkey you should plan to be in ITAP on Sunday 5 September. After the end of the Turkish part, we will all cross to Rhodos on Thursday morning.  Subsequently, after the end of the meeting you will go back to Turkey with the other participants.  The transfers will be arranged by the organizers when the number of partipants becomes more clear.

Participants that start in Greece

If you start in Greece it is best to fly into Rhodos and then take the flying dolphin to Marmaris.  Subsequently you will need to come to Turunc by car (about half an hour from Marmaris).  The return to Greece will be together with the rest of the participants.  The transfers will be assisted by the organizers.

More details on the travel will become available in the following months when the trourist season starts and boat services begin.

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